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Kentucky exemption statutes

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Kentucky exemption law

See: Garnishment Exemptions Available to Kentucky Residents

Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS)
Title 39 – Provisional Remedies, Enforcement
Chapter 427 – Exemptions


  • KRS §427.005 Definitions.
  • KRS §427.010 Exempt personal property and disposable earnings of individual debtors.
  • KRS §427.020 Appraisement of defendant’s property — Selection by defendant.
  • KRS §427.030 Debtor’s tools exempt.
  • KRS §427.040 Professional libraries and vehicle exempt.
  • KRS §427.045 Exemptions not applicable to claims for child support.
  • KRS §427.050 Out-of-state law applicable when wages earned and payable out-of-state — Exceptions.
  • KRS §427.060 Homestead and burial plot exemptions — Exceptions.
  • KRS §427.070 Right of spouse and children to homestead.
  • KRS §427.080 Valuation and allotment of homestead exemption.
  • KRS §427.090 Payment of money in lieu of homestead exemption.
  • KRS §427.100 Waiver of homestead exemption — Continuance after death
  • KRS §427.110 Insurance benefits — Exemptions.
  • KRS §427.120 Police and firefighters’ pension fund in cities of the first, second, and third classes — Exempt from process in some cases.
  • KRS §427.125 Police and firefighters’ pension fund in cities of fourth class — Exempt from process in some cases.
  • KRS §427.126 Repealed, 1966.
  • KRS §427.130 Salaries of public officials and employees and sums due from governmental agencies are subject to attachment or garnishment — Service of process.
  • KRS §427.140 Employee may not be discharged for garnishment for one (1) indebtedness.
  • KRS §427.150 Property totally or partially exempt.
  • KRS §427.160 Additional general exemption.
  • KRS §427.170 Federal bankruptcy code exemptions applicable in Kentucky.
  • KRS §427.180 Grain storage receipt or scale ticket as prima facie claim of right to possession.
  • KRS §427.990 Penalty.

Written by Tom Fox

February 21, 2009 at 7:11 pm

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